Student Leadership


  • To provide channels for student input into learning, the school community and decision making.
  • To provide opportunities for student leadership


  • Occurs at different levels within the school – classroom, focus groups, student leadership team, student action teams.
  • House Captains (2 per house) elected by year 6/7 students at the beginning of each year
  • Student Executive – 2 per year 6/7 class elected by class members
  • Class student leaders – 2 per class from year 3/4 through to Year 6/7 elected by class members
  • Student executive members, plus House Captains (as needed) allocated to R – 2/3 classes to attend class meetings, share information and collect feedback.


  • Student leadership meetings occur fortnightly – Student Executive members. Class student leaders attend when they are presenting a recommendation.
  • Edmodo will be used to share information and gather feedback. Class student leaders are responsible for regularly checking Edmodo.
  • Student Action Teams will be formed when necessary – e.g. fundraising, community
  • Class meetings held a minimum of once per fortnight at a time suitable to the class timetable. Meetings led by Class student leaders.

Decision Making

  • School groups may refer decisions to the SLT or seek feedback from the students.
  • Student Leadership Team will make decisions by majority vote – show of hands or secret ballot.
  • Decisions will be referred to other school groups if needed i.e. Staff, Governing Council and its sub-committees.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Monitoring student house awards
  • Organising house competitions
  • Representing the school at community events
  • Leading school tours
  • Supporting new students in the school
  • Leading school events e.g. assembly, Remembrance Day ceremony
  • Writing articles for the school newsletter

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