Enrolling your child

Enrolling your child

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at Willunga Primary School.

Willunga Primary School has an approved school zone. A school zone is a bounded geographic area surrounding a school from which the school accepts its core intake of students. 

When a school has a zone, the school ensures enough spaces are available to cater for demand from students living inside their school zone.

Find your local school and to see if you reside in the Willunga Primary School catchment.


Places will be offered based on whether any, all or a combination of the following applies:

  • Children residing in the school zone
  • Children who live outside of the zone with special entry (ie students with siblings currently attending the school)

For further information and to register your interest in a position please contact Belinda Aldenhoven on 85562234.

Out of zone enrolments

After all in zone enrolments have been accommodated, enrolments for other families residing outside of the school zone will be considered. Please note offers for enrolment to families residing outside of the school zone will only be considered if spaces are available.

Families can register their interest to attend the school at any stage, however the school’s acceptance of a registration of interest does not equate to an agreement for enrolment nor will your application be ranked in order of date of lodgement.

Reception Enrolments

2024 Expressions of Interest for Term 1 and Term 3 Reception Enrolments have now closed. If you missed this and would still like to express your interest, please contact Belinda Aldenhoven in the front office on 8556 2234.

Expression of Interest for Term 1 and Term 3 Reception Enrolments for 2025 will open on the website in April 2024.

2024 Years 1 – 6 Enrolments

We are excited to announce that expressions of interest for enrolment in a 2024 class at Willunga Primary School, Years 1 to 6, are now open.

Families who reside in and outside of the Willunga Primary School zone are able to express their interest in a position for their child. Families who reside within the Willunga Primary School zone are guaranteed enrolment at our school. Families who reside outside of the Willunga Primary School zone are offered positions once the in-zone enrolments are filled and if there are additional spaces available.

Offers will be made to families in Term 4 2023.

Please see further information and register your interest at:

We will be offering families the opportunity to take a Principal’s Tour on Thursday 19th October at 9:00am. To express your interest in joining a tour, please contact Belinda Aldenhoven in the Front Office on 8556 2234. Bookings are essential.

Information Required

Information required at admission

Once an offer for enrolment is made, parents are required to complete the school enrolment form and provide the school with a copy of the following:

  1. the child’s full legal name and date of birth

Parents must supply the school with proof of their child’s full legal name and date of birth. A copy of one of the following documents will be accepted:

  • the child’s birth certificate or extract
  • a passport, or travel document such as a visa, citizenship certificate or ImmiCard
  • Centrelink documentation stating the child’s name and date of birth.


  1. the child’s permanent place of residency

Parents must supply the school a home location where your child and a parent are primarily living. The address provided must be residential, not a commercial, postal or mailing address.

If you own your home you are asked to provide:

  • the contract of sale for the property (or a recent council rates notice), and
  • a recent a gas or electricity bill for that property.

If you rent a home you are asked to provide:

  • a rental agreement
  • a bond receipt lodged with Consumer and Business Services, and
  • a recent gas or electricity bill for that property.

Please note:

  • the rental agreement should cover at least the first 12 months the child will be attending the school. For example for students starting Reception in 2021 the agreement should cover the majority of the 2021 school year
  • renting a room or rooms at a property for your child, does not constitute a primary place of residence. Families must rent an entire property in order for it to be their primary place of residence
  • if your child is living with a relative or friend, you will need to provide supporting documentation stating that the relative/friend is the legal guardian of the child. This documentation must include a parenting order from the Family Court, which states that the relative/friend is the formal full-time carer of the child.

The principal is responsible for determining whether proof of residence has been satisfied and may use professional judgment in circumstances where families are not able to meet these requirements. This may include asking parents to provide secondary sources of documentation to establish if the circumstances, whilst unusual, are genuine.

  1. copies of any family law or other relevant court orders

Parents must disclose any court orders (including parenting, recovery or intervention orders) which detail matters that should be taken into account by a school when enrolling a child.

  1. copies of relevant specified visas (or permission to access Visa Entitlement Verification Online)

If English is not a parent or carer’s first language, we can arrange for interpreting and translation services. Where required, interpreters can be made available during the admission process and pre-enrolment interview.

Upon receipt of the above to the satisfaction of the school the processing of the parents’ enrolment application may begin.

Applying as an out-of-zone application

Special entry

  1. Siblings

If a child has a sibling currently attending the school and live outside of the school zone they are able to apply to attend the school. Half-brothers and sisters are blood relatives and are considered siblings. Step-brothers and sisters who are not blood relatives will be considered siblings only if the school is satisfied the children reside at the same primary residence.

If there is a break of more than 12 months in attendance at the school by the sibling, they are not considered currently attending.

  1. Children under the guardianship of the Minister

Children who have been taken into care arrangements under the guardianship of the Minister are able to attend any government school. The child’s case worker, in liaison with the child’s carer must contact the Team Leader of the local Student Support Services (SSS) office prior to enrolment.

Other out-of-zone applications

Acceptance of out-of-zone applications will depend on how many places available at the school.

In these cases, applications will be considered based the distance of the child’s residence from the school, and any other personal needs such as curriculum, social and family links, transport and location convenience or other compelling or unusual reasons.

If there is no vacancy available, you will be encouraged to approach your local public school.

Where you child is placed on the waiting list will not be disclosed.

Parents will be invited to attend a pre-enrolment interview or information session with the school once a vacancy is offered.

Where a child’s name appears on the register is confidential.

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