Annual Awards

Pentland Shield

This award honours Brenda Pentland who worked at the school in the front office for 35 years.

Points are allocated based on Student Awards and Sports Day results.  Award totals are tallied by the Student Leadership team. The shield is presented to the winning house team at the end of year assembly.

Jamieson Award

This award honours Sarah Jamieson, a student of the school who showed many of the below characteristics in her battle with cancer which she sadly lost in 1979.  The roses at the front of the school were planted (and transplanted during redevelopment) in Sarah’s memory.

This award is given to two Year 7 students (one boy and one girl) who best meet the following criteria.  The awards are announced at the Year 7 Graduation Ceremony.

The recipients of the Jamieson Award display the following characteristics:

  • Responsibility
  • Initiative
  • Care for others
  • Helpfulness
  • Care for the school & the environment
  • Politeness
  • Hardworking & diligent
  • Reaching their potential & aiming high
  • Leadership
  • Promotes the school Values
  • Contributes to the school in a variety of ways
Lorri Dillon Award

This award honours Lorri Dillon, an SSO who worked Willunga Primary School for over 20 years.  Lorri worked the majority of this time in the area of Special Education, supporting students who needed learning to be offered and managed in a different environment.

This award is to recognise the efforts of a student who has been provided with support for either their learning or behaviour and have moved forward around this learning.  It is presented at the end of year assembly.  Nominations are received from the staff involved in providing support to students.  These nominations are followed up with classroom teachers (“…does the  support that this child  receives  flow through into their classroom performance?”), staff in Leadership Positions, and Specialist staff.

  • Criteria for inclusion
  • Enthusiasm for learning
  • Improvement in  Learning
  • Social development
  • Ability to transform support into classroom performance
PE Award

This Award recognises the students’ strong relationship with Physical Education and sports programs.

This award is presented to either one or two students at the Graduation Ceremony.  Before making the final decision for the PE Award, the PE teacher discusses the performance of nominated students with  Year 7 teachers.

Area of consideration are as follows:-

  • outstanding performance in PE lessons
  • demonstrate highly developed skills in a wide range of sports
  • participation and leadership in SAPSASA events at school, district and state levels
  • demonstrate skills for fair play and working collaboritively
Music/Arts Award

This award recognises the strong commitment by the school to encourage an early appreciaton of music throught the curriculum.

The criteria for this award has been designed around  a range of arts experiences that students have within the school, incorporating music, dance, drama, visual art, design and creativity.

  • Students are nominated using the below criteria
  • Member of the school choir
  • Choir team leader
  • Auditions for choir solo or compere
  • Instrumental music student
  • Develops health hustle for Sports Day
  • Enters design competitions e.g. PSFM Poster Design, Japanese Art
  • Performs in the Fleurieu Folk Festival
  • Participates in the Willunga Almond Blossom Festival
  • Assists with power play dance sessions
  • Designs posters for school activities
  • Participates in school artistic displays and projects

Shows excellent behaviour on all school camps, excursions and performances. Is a positive a model for the student community.

Academic Award

This award recognises the impact of an effective learning program on student learning outcomes.

The Academic Award is presented at the Year 7 Graduation Ceremony to a Year 7 student who has excelled in site and DECD testing during their final year at Willunga Primary School.  Points are allocated based on NAPLAN, PAT M and PAT R results.

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