Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and families at Willunga Primary School are supported by an Aboriginal Community Education Officer (ACEO) who is at the school one day per week in 2016. Student learning is monitored and every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student has an Individual Learning Plan that is updated yearly. This Individual Learning Plan includes numeracy and literacy outcomes as well as student’s interest and goals. Support in numeracy and literacy are put in place when a need is identified.

Willunga Primary School values cultural identity and understands that this connectedness supports student learning in a holistic way.  The site joins together to promote an understanding of Aboriginal culture on many special occasions during the year. The ACEO aims to work with families in achieving the best outcomes for students through cultural activities, linking with the broader Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, advocacy and general support. They also provide resources and support to class teachers in lesson planning stages.

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