Dress Code

The dress code is a reciprocal arrangement between home and school to support a sense of belonging for all students at Willunga Primary School. It helps families ensure students are dressed appropriately and promotes a sense of pride in our school.

The Governing Council has determined the wearing of clothing described in the following school policy . It is expected that all children will wear the school colours of navy and yellow.
The wearing of the school colours allows easy recognition of students in the yard, on excursions or when representing the school. The clothing listed supports the Sun Smart policy and is suitable for school activities.

  • To assist with identification, different year levels are provided with different colour uniforms
  • Reception to year 2 students wear yellow/gold polo shirts
  • Year 3 to 5 students wear navy polo shirts and Year 6 and 7 students wear navy and gold polo shirts

A senior jumper is available to Year 6 and 7 students. Screen-printing is undertaken in Term 1 each year. Year 6 Senior Jumpers can be returned the following year for printing.

Swap a Top

The school keeps a small supply of shirts and jumpers that students are able to access should they wear a non – uniform top to school.

Dress Code

Uniform Pricelist

(PDF, 213KB)

Sun Protection

As a Sunsmart school we recognise the balance between sun protection to reduce the risk of sun damage and sun exposure for vitamin D production.

Our school implements sun protection all year. Students must have a hat to play outside.

For more information, visit our Policies section.

under the sun
Lost and unclaimed uniforms (second hand) are made available through Save The Children, High Street, Willunga.


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