Governing Council

Willunga Primary School Governing Council will:
  • Give leadership in issues affecting Willunga Primary School in consultation with the whole school community
  • Foster and encourage the activities and participation of parents, students and teachers and positively promote the role of Governing Council through our wider community
  • Further the interest and welfare of students and their educational outcomes, from Reception to year 7 and beyond.
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Members of the Willunga Primary School Governing Council include:
  • 10 Elected Parents (two year terms)
  • 1 Willunga Pre School Representative (nominated by the Pre School) (one year term)
  • 1 Community Representative (one year term)
  • 1 Principal
  • 2 Staff Representatives
Elections for the Willunga Primary School Governing Council are held following the Willunga Primary School Annual General Meeting in February of each year.

Governing Councillors each choose to be part of a focus sub-committee.The aim of these committees is to offer opportunity for wider representation through our school community. The work of the Governing Council is undertaken through the sub-committees.

Finance Advisory Committee
To advise and recommend to Governing Council information regarding issues on budgetary and financial matters

  • unpack and oversee site budget and resourcing
  • contribute to future budgets
  • ensure debt reduction and management plans are in place
Out of School Hours Care Advisory Committee
To determine and implement policies relating to children, staff, financial and facilities management for the Out of School Hours Care service.

  1. approve and discuss Vacation care programs, staffing etc
  2. contribute to development of policies and procedures
  3. ensure service addresses needs of community
Learning Committee
Support the school’s achievement of Quality Learning and Teaching objectives and support improvement outcomes as defined in the Site Improvement Plan

  1. survey community re reporting and assessment
  2. work with staff committee to provide a parent perspective to the learning program
  3. unpack site data
  4. facilitate dissemination on this information to the community
Parent Connection/Fundraising

Provide opportunities for parents to come into the school and be a part of the school community.

  1. recommend and support fundraising ideas
  2. ensure community views and ideas are represented at Governing Council
  3. connect community to the school
Grounds Committee
  1. Ensure that the buildings and grounds are kept in a safe and well maintained condition
  2. Make recommendations regarding future development
  3. Encourage and plan for the improvement of the school environment
Canteen Committee
  1. Oversee financial management
  2. Oversee adherence to Right Bite policy
  3. Promote and suggest menu changes

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