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Willunga Primary School holds a unique place in the history of South Australia. In 2020, the school will celebrate 143 years of public education in the township of Willunga.

The school enjoys a strong relationship with the township of Willunga, sharing the use of its oval and gymnasium.  The school is an active participant in the annual Almond Blossom Festival.

Willunga Primary School has a strong focus on teacher efficacy and powerful learning.  Willunga Primary School is a place where difference is valued, relationships are key, and learning is our core business.

Willunga has a commitment to providing a range of learning opportunities for students including:- choir; SAPSASA events; environmental and garden programs; instrumental music opportunities; visits and links to the local community, preschool, library and high school.

Willunga supports values that CARE

We use a Learning Power framework and our site Steps to Success – Stamina, Team Work, Enthusiasm, Planning and STRETCH.

Willunga is a DfE school and is a member of the Sea and Vines Partnerships of Schools.  Enrolments at Willunga are governed through a zoning policy.  Application for out of zone enrolments follows DfE procedure.

Karen Matthews

Acting Principal, Willunga Primary School

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