Learning another language and culture

Learning about another culture is more than simply learning how to speak the language. We experiment with art, craft, cooking, singing, games, origami, and activities related to festivals and events that occur throughout Japan.

Learning another language can be a slow process. Students who achieve the most success are those who are willing to have a go, are confident, and a little bit resilient! These skills are transferable to all subjects and life itself! We often think our children can’t learn another language, but the younger the child is, the better their brain is equipped to learn a second language.

With a level of support, most year 7 students are able to understand and generate a conversation about family, daily activities, time and hobbies.  Their brains are also “geared” for language learning and all the skills related to it for the rest of their life – a good investment!

Each year we enter an Inter-school Hiragana competition for Year 7 students. Our students are always very enthusiastic and we have great participation. We have a link with a Japanese school, see performances and have good general knowledge about Japan. Family members are always welcome to drop in and have a go as well!


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