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Medication Authority

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If a student requires medication while at school, there are number things that need to be managed.

The medication must be:

  • prescribed by a doctor and have appropriate written instructions. Forms can be collected from the front office or faxed/emailed to the doctor to be completed prior to child returning to school.
  • provided by the parent/caregiver in original container clearly labelled by the pharmacist and delivered to the front office.

Most medications are stored in the front office, but some older children do carry their puffers in their school bags. In these cases, an Asthma medication and Health Care Plan needs to be signed stating the child can self-administer (paper work will be kept in the office). If this is obtained, we ask that you discuss with your children issues around the medication. For example, not sharing puffers, informing their teacher when they have used it, dangers of over usage, and safe storage.

It is not appropriate for any child to have any other medication in their school bags or tray eg panadol, vitamins, cough mixture etc.  Even over the counter medications need the paper work completed, a pharmacy label attached, and be managed through the front office.

Camps and Excursions will have their own additional guidelines around medication and medication management.

At the end of the school year, all medication is returned to families.  Please check use by dates prior to returning these medications at the start of the next year.

If you require any further information, or your child has complex medical needs, please contact the front office for further information or advice.

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