Pastoral Care Worker

What do Pastoral Care Workers (PCW) do?

  • They are active in promoting student wellbeing, particularly through the provision of pastoral care and school based activities.
  • They have an educative role in the areas of values, morals and ethics.
  • They work as part of the school support team to facilitate connections into the school network and wider community of students who are suffering from bereavement, family breakdown or other crisis and loss situations.

The services provided by a PCW should be appropriate to the school and student context in which he or she will operate. Within this context, PCWs will be expected to respect the range of religious views and affiliations, and cultural traditions in the school and the community, and be approachable by students of all faiths. It is not the purpose of PCW services to bring about or encourage commitment to any set of beliefs.

It is important to note that PCWs cannot provide services for which they are not qualified, for example, behaviour intervention or management, counselling services or psychological assessment, or medical assessment.
Our Pastoral Care Worker is Sue Camac. Sue is a valuable asset to our school. She provides wonderful opportunities, and students feel connected with and valued by her. At enrolment (on the blue form), parents indicate whether or not Sue can support their child during their time at Willunga Primary School. This information can be altered at any time through the Student Services Officer.


Connect, Aspire, Respect, Empower

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