Sustainable School

Teaching kids conservation and sustainability

Willunga Primary School is building its understanding of and increasing its practices. This has grown from a waste audit conducted by the education team of Onkaparinga Council at the start of 2018. This showed our greatest contribution to landfill was from plastic food packaging. Uneaten food and partially eaten food was flagged as an issue.

As a consequence a Sustainability Student Action Team was established and is diversifying its projects.

  • Families are encouraged to participate in Nude Food Wednesday
  • Now have 4 waste stationswith council bins for landfill, recycling and green waste
  • Each class collectsits green waste in smaller buckets
  • Seed propogation of local indigenous plants
  • Upgrading and maintaining school garden areas using propagated plants.

Alongside the work of the S.A.T, classes focus on sustainability during term 1. Teachers are supported to incorporate outdoor learning into theor weekly programs as a way for students to spend time in nature and develop as appreciation. The school vegetable garden is a part of the Health specialist area, and hosts weekly garden club. Parents are invited to be involved.

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